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2012 dodge charger not starting up


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OK so I have a 2012 dodge charger 6 cylinder 3.6 engine and its not starting up and when it does only when u press the gas and lightly hold it OK so I had my mechanic put on a throttle body , spark plugs , and a APP sensor which is the gas paddle & still didn't start so I had it towed to midas and the codes it threw out were po113 air intake pressure sensor ,p2111 electric throttle control,  po222 throttle position control so they couldn't figure it out so I had it towed to meineke and they said it's no codes they think it's the computer but also my spark plugs well 3-4 keep getting black and there new so I'm trying to figure out what's the issue, like why is it not starting up like out of no where it cut of and never started back up , is that the computer? The 2 shops ran multiple test and the guy at meineke said he don't think a compression test is needed it's getting spark and everything he says it's a electrical issue,  what's you guys think ? No fluids mixing or nothing I'm so lost and this happened last Wednesday of last week help me out please 🙏

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Well the computers do go bad on those things all the time Chrysler makes crap computers and that could do exactly all that unless it's a wiring fault going to the computer you have to check that too