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2012 Versa 1.8AT P0101 stubborn


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I'm working on a 2012 Nissan Versa 1.8AT.

I have already installed a new Hitachi MAF sensor, filter is clean.

It has code p0101 MAF low voltage under lode, as indicated by freeze frame data code setting at 2k rpm 40 mph.

About 110K miles.

-I checked power to MAF harness, 12v

-control wires all have continuity to ECM, no shorts to power or ground.

-MAF power wire has 550~ ohm resistance to ground, is this a short?

-smoke tested all vacuum hoses and intake, no leaks

-evap pressure sensor is good and receiving power

-cat temp read via IR on Extech gun at 300-400, not tested for clogs.

-exhaust looks new from manifold back, unknown work quality

-power wire to MAF sensor was patched poorly, redid

-found an unrelated wire to ECM patched, did not redo

-cleaned ground E15 and all other visible, Ohm test good

Code comes back after 1 day of driving, 22 miles total at time of set.

Tire code set soon after, but due to Mavis not reprogramming them I assume, P0101 code existed beforehand and believed unrelated.


Someone please help me, Scotty can you hear meeee?


Thank you!

It's a Hatchback S, forgot to mention.

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That sounds like an annoying adventure.  Agree it may be a bad part. 

Maybe the part was returned and resold.  I'm sure Amazon does not have a way to test it.

How does the engine run despite the code?

It was sold as new, Amazon sells returns as used, regardless of return reason, I've bought many returned parts from Amazon in the past.

Engine runs well, just has a slight stumble and RPM dip at start,.
I believe a vacuum leak or ground short on com wire, vacuum leak seeming more likely tho.
Nissan service data states that the DTC should set after 5 seconds of 25mph driving for a bad MAF, this code only sets after a day and at least 20 miles, and after all 8 monitors have show as ready and passed with no codes present.

Found a post online: Nissan TSB #NTB12-051k
There is a list of ECM part numbers half way through the bulletin.
Might apply here, but it does say "no drivability concerns".


Is Hitachi the manufacturer of MAF sensor for Nissan or it is an aftermarket one?

They are the OEM for Nissan yes.
I got it on Amazon from Amazon. Came in proper box, says made in USA and the part looks identical aside from what looks like the Nissan part number is scratched off

The symptoms you have seems like the sensor is not functioning correctly. Maybe it is faulty.

I agree with @yaser, although Hitachi is the OEM supplier for Nissan, the part number being scratched off sounds like you got a bad/refurbished part. Try to find a brand new OEM Hitachi part & check.

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I think it's a leak in the platic intake manifold, as I can hear a sharp sucking sound when throttle is jabbed to 2500rpm by assistant.


I did a 10 PSI smoke test on the manifold but I could not find any leaks, and spraying brake clean around yields no change.


Any advice? 

Considering doing further exhaust system inspection.


A lot of Nissan vehicles it’s not a faulty part concern and are resolved by an ecm reprogramming for that code specifically but you would need your ecm program number to verify 


You mentioned badly reconnected wiring.  I would really look closely at these connections to make sure you're get full conductivity.  Power wire to MAF?  Wire to ECM?