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brake and traction control light


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Hello Scotty got a question here my coworker 2014 Dodge avenger has the emergency brake light on has well the traction control light on too we scanned the car for codes and no codes appear there is no leaks or lack of power car runs fine what could it be the car has 68k miles automatic transmission thanks.

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Please make sure you describe your problem in the title, not your car.

Since you didn't clearly state it, I'll assume that your question is "how do I get rid of these warning lights"

Posted by: @sargentopanda337

we scanned the car for codes

what did you scan it with?


Posted by: @sargentopanda337

no codes appear

you need a fairly pricey tool to interface with systems like ABS, transmission/traction control, passenger safety, etc.

Try Autozone or some mechanics provide scans as a courtesy.