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2010 ford crown victoria leaking fuel


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my 2010 cvpi is leaking fuel from the injectors. I recently changed the manifold and about 200 miles later there is fuel leaking from the 2 fuel injectors (it is lifting the fuel rail up and fuel is leaking where the injector meets the fuel rail) it is both injectors on each side where it bolts to the manifold It started on the side closest to the cab because I broke the bolt and had to use plastic weld to hold it down. That side started leaking a couple days ago now theres another one leaking on the side that It is bolted down. the 2 middle ones don't leak. What could this be? I live in below zero climate

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Posted by: @chaseando16
What could this be?
Posted by: @chaseando16
I broke the bolt and had to use plastic weld to hold it down.
I think you answered your own question. Plastic weld isn't going to hold down a fuel line with 60 PSI nearly as well as steel bolts. If it's not assembled properly, the fuel system's gonna leak. The fuel rail has multiple connection points to the engine block for a reason. If a bolt is missing, the rail is going to flex and it will cause leaks. Replace the bolts you broke and make sure everything is assembled properly.
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