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Is the Suzuki Forenza unreliable?


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Hey Scotty, 

So long story short, my mom had a 2004 Suzuki Forenza that my grandfather bought for her used with 31k miles back in 2005 at the Suzuki dealership in Santa Ana, California (now a Isuzu commercial truck dealer). She had the vehicle for about eleven years and after that, the head gasket got blown when it was up to around 112k miles I believe, I didn't really remember that well to be honest. In April of 2015, the car ended up having some problems while my mom was in the middle of an intersection with the engine blowing out black smoke and had to be pushed out of the intersection from preventing it to be crashed. At that time, I knew it was time for my mom to get rid of it. Luckily the car kept going until February of 2016 when it actually did puked for good. 

As a childhood vehicle, I had some good memories, and bad ones which I choose to forget. But the more I figure out what's wrong with this vehicle, I can definitely see why this vehicle is not that dependable! Just because having it for eleven years doesn't mean it was a good car. My mom thinks it's a dependable vehicle because she had it for that long amount of time. But from my point of view, no! And I hate to disagree with my mom about that but unfortunately, I have to. 

As a rebadged Daewoo Lacetti, I already know how unreliable these cars can be. I don't like criticizing my childhood car, I'd tell you that much. And of course, my mom was living on only one income so she couldn't be able to maintain it as much and drive it around as much as she should of. Definitely that's one reason and the fact that it's a rebadged Daewoo too. 

So my question is, am I right that the Forenza is an unreliable car? 

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Nothing about it is a Suzuki. It’s as Korean (Daewoo) as they get..

Its reliability is meh. But yeah, it sure was spacious!