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Intermittent no start


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Dear Scotty,

My wife and I own a 2016 Toyota Camry SE with 115,560 miles that we bought new and have loved it!  Has always been maintained according to dealer recommendation but after our last service it was begun having a starting issue.   Every once in a while it will not start on the first try. ( It is a key and not a push to start)   You have to turn it completely off and on the second try it starts.   The battery was replaced less then a year ago and tested fine at last service.  I have called the dealer and they say that have no idea why it would do that and to drop it off to them for a few days something that at this moment is not possible….  Please help


Edgar in Charlotte  

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Your alternator may not be charging your battery correctly.  Any auto parts store can test it for you for free.  Even a good battery that isn't charging will go flat.  It should show about 14.5 volts at idle.  Please lose the dealer and find an independent mechanic to work with you.

Thank you I will take it an auto parts store this weekend!