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2016 dodge Ram 4x4


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My name is Jean-Claude

I follow you on YouTube a lot and  I am awesome mechanic but not as skilled as you

 I have a 2016 Dodge ram 4 by 4 I accidentally pulled my truck from Virginia back to Arizona and I do not know what I was thinking because I know you all you can pull an automatic transmission 40 miles with wheels on the ground

 I mess up the transmission the truck only had 50000 miles I tried taking it to the Dodge dealership they fixed the league but I kept on bringing it back for them to check it out because I lossed 8 gear and it was taken about a minute to engage reverse or drive

 I had replace the transmission at a  107000 miles I had replace the transmission and I did it all myself and I put the htf plus 4 in it and I put in a transmission cooler I did not know that this truck had a transmission heater what runs off the radiator fluid

 I am going to be using this half ton truck for hot shot transport services I already did another upgrade I replaced beer and with A321 and I put airbags in the back and as I said I already put a transmission cooler in will it be beneficial for me to put in a oil cooler for my motor oil I already took out the thermostat what was at 203゚ and I put in one for a 180゚

 What are things can I do to prevent wear and tear on my truck to make it last longer

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Is it gas or diesel? If you don’t mind me asking what kind of stuff are you hotshotting around?