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Transmission Fluid Leak?


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Scotty my dad's 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan may be leaking fluid, he looked at the transmission Fluid Dip Stick and it said cold so he added half a bottle of fluid and drove it for 10 minutes checked the fluid level again and it said it was lower on fluid, then it said full on cold but didn't rise when engine got hot, the transmission is also slipping, my dad doesn't want a mechanic to sell him a part he doesn't need, do you know what the problem is?

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Unfortunately those mid 2000 Caravans have terrible transmissions. With it slipping as you said and the fluid issue. I’d try to find someone who works on and rebuilds transmissions. Explain the problem and see what they say. If there wasn’t a fluid issues I’d say get a bottle of that Lucas stop slip and watch Scotty video where he uses it. 

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@daywalker I know with you’re experience you might be able to add to or correct me if I’m wrong.

Update the radiator cap has rust and now the dip stick says no fluid at all and now the transmission shifts hard on some gears

@1980scarlover It sounds like to me the tranny is is just on its way out. I know that’s not what you want to hear but even if the fluid situation was fixed I don’t know if it’d help any if it’s already slipping multiple gears.


The transmission fluid must be going someplace:  can you lift the vehicle and see where it is leaking?

Check the transmission pan (gasket), the front main seal of the transmission, and the seal where the axle shaft goes into the side of the transmission.

Also, make sure you are properly checking the transmission fluid (and under the same conditions each time) so you get accurate readings. See page 404 “Procedure for Checking Fluid Level” in the owners manual:

yea we found it its leaking onto the ground like mad and needs new tranny and motor mounts and were considering getting a new van like a toyota sienna or Mazda 5


Also you should only check the fluid level with the car warm, running and on a flat surface. If your checking it cold one time, then warm, once running, once not running the levels are going to change.