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2016 Ford Explorer Sport 3.5 Ecoboot shutter Problem-- 60,000 miles


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I posted about this yesterday with several good suggestions. 


1- The rpm's do increase a few hundred around 40-50mph when it starts to miss or shutter

2- ATF fluid change was one of the sugestions

3- Question:  What are your thoughts about adding additivities to an ATF change on this vehicle?

Thank You 

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I would change the fluid and filter first without adding any additive and check what happens. 

Good point.
Not even sure if it's actually a transmission problem but it seems to be pointing to the root cause the more I dig into this issue.


Yes change the fluid and filter and pray if it still shutters try some anti shutter antica like Lucas and pray that works

Thank You. That will be the plan this weekend.

These transmission have to be took apart to change filter.