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[Solved] 2017 Honda Accord Both Low beams not working


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Bought this car and has a few things I need to fix on it. Both low beams are not working, fuses appear to be fine.

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Pulled the bulbs out to test them and noticed that 1 port on each connector was melted.. I'm gonna assume that is the issue.

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Check relays and switches.

I switched similar relays and it still doesn't work. What switches are you talking about and how would I test that?

Surely there must be switches that control the lights.


The actual light switch itself, of course.  Check the low beam circuit to see it's properly grounded as well.


I second Readywolf's answer.  I'm assuming that your car has halogen light bulbs.  Low beams always go out first since they're used the most.  Just pull out the bulbs and take a look at the two filaments.  If one of them is broken, that's your problem.  

If you have LED lights, then that's different.

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