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2017 Tacoma BSM stopped working


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Interesting issue , the Blind Spot Monitoring on my 2017 Tacoma suddenly just popped up saying it was unavailable. had to press the button to turn it off else would just show little error on dash. It happened while just driving on freeway trip back from California to AZ. It was raining off and on and it just suddenly stopped working. nothing happened to the truck, didnt hit anything etc.  So i took it down to dealer, they run the codes and tell me the unit is bad and its 3500 dollars to replace it WOW.  I ask can someone just check it out, maybe something is loose , but they wont even bother. So i don't get that fixed, about a week later i get hit from behind by a small Honda, it just bumps my trailer hitch, no visible damage to anything on my car or theirs, but after i start driving again i wonder since i thought something might have been loose i turn the BSM back on  and wouldn't ya know it started working again :).  It continued to work just fine for like another 4 months until about a week ago, it again during some rainy weather, just popped up and stopped working again. It seems obvious something is loose, maybe even a short, i don't want to try and get rear ended again but not sure what to do , since dealer wont do anything then hook up the code machine and tell me i need new module that costs 3500 dollars which is ridiculous.  So any thoughts on how i can get the BSM working again, anyone know actual mechanic who would take the time to check the connections for the BSM instead of just charging 3500$ around Gilbert AZ ?  Any ideas are appreciated



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You definitely looking at a bad connection or a bad soldering in a module and that bump temporarily joined the open circuit. Search for a local shop that does electrical work and tell them the same thing you posted here and I bet they will find the problem.  Or you could just go around and wiggle wire connections until it starts working then you have an idea which one it is.

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ya that is what i assume, i just dont know any mechanics in my area who will even look at this. place i take it to do normal maint stuff, they dont do it, dealer wont and have had to many bad exp with local mechanics over the years im looking for someone i can trust who wont bs and over charge , if anyone knows of someone like that around gilbert AZ please let me know