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Poor A/C when idle


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Hey Scotty, 

I have a 2016 Hyundai Elantra (Automatic) with 150K miles. I have noticed that the A/C sometimes blows warmer and humid air when the car is idle. As soon as I start driving again, the A/C temperature and humidity returns to normal. I have noticed this in stop-and-go traffic and when coming off the highway. The A/C blowers are unaffected. Do you know what the problem is? Thanks

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Are your radiator and/or condenser fans working?

Both fans are working without any issues.
One thing to add: If I rev up the engine while I am idling, this allows cold air to blow once again even though the car is still sitting in traffic, the parking lot, etc.

You may be a little low on refrigerant. Modern AC systems are very sensitive to even a few ounces off spec. The only way to know you have the correct amount is to evacuate and recharge the system.