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2021 Honda HRV Brake Clunk


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Hi guys,


When I brake at low speeds and hit a bump or ridge in the road, I get a big thud/clunk noise that I hear and feel through the brake pedal. It's been doing this since I got it brand new in June of last year.


Any idea what might be causing it? I went to Honda and they say its normal in "low-end" cars, but I'm suspicious.



Can you please make a YouTube video of the noise and post the link here?

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Well that's a total crack of s*** that's not normal. Take it to an independent mechanic and have them check out and see what's wrong something wasn't made correctly it should not clunk. See my video finding the source of car noises Scotty to find out how we figure out where noises come from

Thanks for the answer Scotty! Great to hear from the expert himself!