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2015 Yukon - P06DD Code - Oil Pressure Solenoid


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Hi Scotty,

I have a stock 2015 Yukon w/ 120K miles.  I have always done my own oil changes since owning the vehicle (purchased used w/ 40K miles) every 3-6 months or ~3000-5000 miles.  

I recently had a P06DD code come up which indicates the oil pressure solenoid which controls the dual stage oil pump is stuck OFF.  This means the pump is always running in the 2nd stage (higher PSI) when the code occurs.  It popped up about 6 times over the course of about 8 weeks during cooler weather.  The vehicle was due for an oil change, and since then, it hasn't come up again.  The weather is also warmer.  I don't know whether the oil change or the weather relate to the code.

When it was occurring, I did confirm the oil pressure was on the higher PSI end of the range via values from the OBD2.  Now that it isn't occurring, values are typical (starting low, then increasing if the 2nd stage gets activated).  

Is this worth repairing?  Even if the solenoid does get stuck "OFF", it seems like a higher PSI all the time would be better than the alternative.  Could the weather, the fresh oil change (or both) have solved the problem?


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Yeah the high oil pressure wouldn't hurt anything that's some BS to save a tiny amount of gasoline I personally would leave it alone but I would also check with GM to see if there's any type of warranty left and then I'd get it fixed if they was