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[Solved] 2003 Toyota Sienna when idle runs on low rpms or stalls out


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Hello Scotty and friends,

I have a 2003 Toyota Sienna van with 160,000 miles. The other day when starting the van it will start up just fine but then the rpms would drop to around 500 and the car would shutter. When pressing the gas pedel the engine will run fine but once I take my foot off the gas it would drop to very low rpms and sometimes stall out. There is an check engine light and the code is P0330 (Knock Sensor 2 circuit Bank 2)  but that has been on for years and the van ran fine when it was on so I don't know if the code is related to the current situation. I borrowed my friends scan tool and have some images of what data that was shown on it below. I load tested the battery and it's in good health. Any help or advice would be appreciated and I will try to answer any questions that are asked. Thank You

Image 1

Image 2

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I had a similar thing on my Corolla, what solved the issue was revving the engine to just over 3,000 rpm for about 45 seconds.

This lets the computer relearn the throttle and idle.

might require removing the battery, but then it may not be able to adjust it self to run as good as it does now if that's a fuel / air issue.


Scotty has a really good video on finding vacuum leaks:


Also, cleaning the throttle can help.


Well do check for vacuum leaks and pray you have a small vacuum leak somewhere causing that. If not it could be the knock sensor that will change your ignition timing and can cause such problems