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2022 Toyota Tundra twin turbo V6 vs Ram Pentastar V6


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I need to purchase two new 1/2 ton pickup trucks for my pickle farm.  I currently own four 2001 thru 2005 Dodge Ram 1500's. Mileage ranges from 260,000 to 325,000.  They are falling apart.  I know how fond you are of Toyota, but how reliable and durable is the new Toyota Tundra's 3.5 Liter twin turbo V6?  They will spend most of their lives on the highway and I average 16 mpg with the Toyotas and 19 with the Dodges.

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Neither. Ram is a No simply because the quality is down the toilet. Toyota us No because it is a new design and no one knows how they hold up. Get an older Tundra with a tried and true V8 or get a Ford F150 with V8. 


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I would have to agree with @yaser. Rams are not reliable generally especially the v6. Toyota's new powertrain is more complex compared to a traditional hybrid or twin turbo charged engines, so reliability is unknown.

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There is literally no way to know if the Tundra will be reliable. But the Ram, we know, has issues, particularly the PentaStar.