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What could cause a 03 expedition to stop going forward while driving highway speeds?


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My step son and my wife where driving our 03 Ford Expedition 5.4 2v. They were doing roughly 65-70 mph. My stepson was driving and as he was driving he heard a click sound and the vehicle kind of died. They pulled to the side of the ride and call me. First thing I ask is check the coolant. For some reason this engine drinks coolant. I’ve pressured tested the system and no leaks. Anyway not the subject. 

I then asked him to check the oil and the oil was half way up the door stick. I changed the oil roughly 3 months ago. I’ve been using 10w-30 since the engine has 199,000 miles on it and it had chain slap on start up. I get the vehicle towed to the house and inspect it. I was on my way to work and called in to make sure it suv was ok. I look it over and don’t see any leaks. I check trans and oil smelt good and was still reddish. I start the vehicle up and sounds fine. I rev it a little and watch the oil pressure gauge. It’s good. So I check the oil and no oil on the stick. I run it again for a couple is second and shut it off and check oil. Now the oil is half way up the so stick. I drove the vehicle around the block and drove fine. Got a p0171/174 code I replaced pcv and oxygen sensors but code keeps coming back. I also had a code for the fuel pump. I watch my pids on my little handheld Bosch reader and everything looks good. I’m so sorry it’s long but I wanted to be precise  and give plenty of detail. I’m leaning toward the timing chains and oil pump. Just don’t want to replace that without it being the main cause. Please help. 

I shouldn’t have said stopped. I meant to say stopped going forward. The engine was still running.

What are all the codes that it’s throwing out?

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Have you already changed the fuel filter & pressure tested the fuel pump?

Also for the whole list of causes -

Fuel pump is about 3 years old and so is fuel filter.

I’m not too worried about the p0171/174 codes. I’m worried about why the vehicle just stopped while driving highway speeds.

Could be the fuel pump, but have a read through that link above, as it could be related -


Sounds to me like the problem is with your transmission, either the computer or a sensor or solenoid.