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$30,000 Market Adjustment for an 2022 F250


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I have been watching your channels for years.  I just left Crestview Ford in Crestview FL.  I was looking at a 2022 F250, Platinum, Tremor package, Black and they had the nerve to put a $30,000 market adjustment on the truck.  It was in stock form no lift or wheels etc.   It went from $79,830.00 to $122,225.00 which also includes a powertrain warranty.  I would have added a picture of the price tag but I don't see a way to add it in.  It might be a good topic for a show.





Instructions for photos are in the "Read this first" topic near the top of the page.

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Sounds like Ford dealer SOP -


Hey, thanks for sharing. I'll pass it on to the world  What's scumbags