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85 Isuzu pickup 1.9L Possessed?


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Hi Scott!

I recently rebuilt the 4-cyl engine. plugs are clean. New Weber carb.

Old engine had a misfire after I would drive a half mile away from house and it stumbled and would die.

I assumed it was carb but it ran really great and had super compression after starting and going down the road.

After rebuilding head and replacing gasket 3 times, it still did the misfire thing. No coolant loss. None.

I pulled the motor, put another 1.9 in after rebuilding it first. rebuilt original carb. Ran good but still had the misfire after a half mile down the road. Installed new weber carb. No coolant loss! 

After pulling distributor cap off, I noticed terminal studs were cut into by rotor. After replacing cap ran good and now am able to drive about 2-3 miles smoothly but still has intermittent misfire. I did notice the cap does not seem to fit perfectly flat or lock-tite secure in one specific point. it has a slight tolerance.

Now here's the kicker!

While engine is misfiring, I shut down ignition. (turn-off engine and immediately restart) Idles perfect! Start driving again... everything good. In about 60-90 seconds, and coming to a stop, idles really low and a misfire again.


Until I restart.


Checked plug wires,coil.. seem ok. Gas seems clear. two inline filters+carb.


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Well if the distributor parts were cut inside I would assume that means the engine wasn't built right? And you're distributor is bouncing up and down from where inside the engine. And that would cause everything. But if not that you send all the vehicle on you turn off and then turn it back on and it works. It could be a computer failure. Even those old things still have computers in them