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Searching for repair manual of 2009 Toyota Sienna, FWD


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Hi everyone,

I owned a 2009 Toyota Sienna, recently the second-row safety belt is broken, I hope to replace it by myself, but first, i need to know how to access it, so i need to know the assembly structure for the second-row safety belt. I tried to search on Youtube for DIY videos but didn't find anything useful, i also tried to search for the manual on, which i used to search for the repair manual of my Nissan Sentra, but didn't find any repair manual for the sienna.

So my question is, does anyone knows how to find the repair manual for this specific model? Seems it's very hard to find it, i've tried every way i can imagine, now i can only ask for your help because i know you are very good mechanic and DIYs.


Thank you everyone.

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It took about 30 seconds to find this, though I'm not sure what years it covers:

(The link was offered in response to a request for a 2009 Sienna service manual in another forum.)

i also found this manual, but this manual looks bad. For the safety belt part, they used the nearly same picture for inner and outer assembly, and dont have useful step description, so im worried about the accuracy. Because I hope to know the position of the clips, so that i will not damage them when i do the job


They often sell these right on the rack at local parts stores


thank you for the information! i will check this manual


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Posted by: @echan

this manual looks bad.

it looks like the OEM manual. They don't get much better than that.  No manual is going to show you detailed step by step instructions with pictures because they assume a certain level of experience.