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Are kei cars suitable for conditions outside of Japan?


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I'm in Australia and we are allowed to import selected cars from Japan. I have my eye on a Honda S660 but are cars like this really suitable on roads outside of Japan and what do you think the running costs will look like?

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There were a couple of Kei cars sold in the U.S. a little over 50 years ago - the Honda N600 and Subaru 360. Neither were really suitable for American driving conditions, though the Honda had the edge with its 600cc engine. However both gave their respective manufacturers a toehold in the U.S. automobile market, permitting them to later sell larger, more suitable models here.


They’re more of a hobby car.  Kinda like those old 3 wheel BMW things.


They're cute little cars, but most are illegal here in the state so I have no actual experience with them. Now. They're made for driving around and Asian countries for small distances in Australia's. Huge. I don't know if I'd want to be in one of those things for one of those big road trains went by in Australia


Honda Australia dropped all their licensed dealers and went to direct sales  in 2021. That left a lot of Honda owners without warranty support and replacement parts. People in the rural areas had to drive long distances to major cities to get repairs. It's kinda murky what the latest status is but Honda says they are working on it. You live there so you have a better idea of what is the latest news but I would do some research before buying a car that is not normally sold in Australia.

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It’s dimensions are a tad smaller than the Suzuki Swift, so it’s not that tiny when you think about it, unlike the old Daihatsu Mira which was proper tiny.

But do you really want a 658cc 3cyl turbo?? Can you find parts for it?

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