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94 Celica not running


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Hey Scotty I have a 1994 Toyota celica GT 2.2L. It’s an automatic and has around 209k miles. It’s not running consistently and sometimes doesn’t even start at all. When it does start it will only run for a short time before dying. I have replaced the fuel filter and fuel regulator. So I think I have fuel, I checked the spark and definitely have spark. I checked the timing and it seems to be within spec. I’m at a loss as I have compression, spark, and am 85% sure I have fuel. What can I do to get my car running reliably again?

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What about the fuel pump? Have you checked it too?

No however I’ve had a new development as it started but now it’ll run for a short period of time before it dies and the fuel injectors rapidly click while the car is off

I suggest you check it and replace if needed.