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No start when hot


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95 Toyota Camry, automatic, 340,000 mi.  

fires off and starts in the morning, after driving for a while and I try to start it coughs and sputters but won't start.  I can leave it set for 15-20 min and then it will start.

Tried replacing Distributor no help       

This 27 year old car does not have a diagnosis plug , so no way to connect scanner


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Posted by: @garciaal007

it coughs and sputters but won't start

Press the gas pedal all way and try start the car. If the car starts, you may have a leaky fuel injectors. 


You can try checking OBD1 trouble codes for clues.


Well when it doesn't start do my video test I'm fixing a car that cranks but doesn't start up Scotty

I don't understand your answer

Look for videos like this one.