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misfire, lack of power on highways and hills


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I have a 1988 Dodge B250 rv conversion with a 318 engine 116000 kilometers. Fuel filter,fuel-pump and sock,spark plugs,wires,distributor cap and rotor, coil and magnetic coil in distributor all changed. No engine codes. Mechanic said good spark and fuel injectors. When i am on the highway and give it gas it is like a miss and no power. I noticed more when under load like going up hill. The vehicle will shake and loose some speed if i let up on fuel will go away. Mechanic said he took it for a long ride and no problem and said wait until it happens all the time. Tired of paying for parts and no change. Any help would be appreciated. Afraid  

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Well to me that sounds like a classic sign of either the fuel filters clogged up or the fuel pump is wearing out. Because if you give it a bunch of gas and it won't accelerate but then you let up it does that shows that you don't have enough fuel pressure for full speed but enough for a lower speed