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Adblue 10 starts remaining


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Hey Scotty, Wife has a 2014 Mercedes ML350 Bluetec diesel automatic . Wife said she was driving and the message “ adblue level low 10 starts remaining” well now we are down to 2 starts and according to manual once you fill the def it should reset the code after a couple miles driving at speed but I drive it about 30 miles at highway speed and still nothing. The codes it throws is the main Adblue level low 2 starts remaining and 

1. Egr A circuit low
2. Particulate filter restriction - soot accumulation Bank 1
3. Cold Start Engine Exhaust Temperature Too Low

I believe it may be the exhaust temperature sensor as they all but egr lead back to this. or the heater for the def. What’s your best opinion Mercedes said to replace the heater is $6,000+ and 2nd hand Mercedes shop said $2,500 the job is simple like a fuel pump replacement. Just wanting your best judgment that’s for your time.

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Posted by: @zacha21

What’s your best opinion

Sell the car. Why? They are money pits when they start breaking down. Scotty has talked about that in his videos and we have also a lot of Mercedes related topics here.


Interesting problem.  It’s a great motor.  Not quite as reliable as the old (eg, 80’s) Mercedes diesels but solid, quiet, and rangy.  But the car around the power train, especially the electronics, is the weak link.  I don’t think finding the actual problem with this one is going to be easy.  You will have to find someone with a LOT of bluetec experience, even if it means getting it towed out of your area.  

But if you have the dealer or closest independent shop just start replacing $2000 parts until the problem is fixed, it is going to quickly become an “endless money pit”.

If you are on the west coast, try calling George at Adolph's Autohaus in San Ramon/Danville; he's been working on those engines for over 10 years.