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Can I move to a higher CCA battery?


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I have a 2006 z71 1500 Chevrolet Suburban with 210k on it and I want to put a 850 cca in it instead of the 800 cca I currently have in it.  Are there any ramifications to doing this?  Thanks. Smile  

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As long as the battery size matches you can move to a higher CCA rating battery.

Keep in mind the battery will only work as hard as the starter motor needs.

Thank you.


you will never notice those 50A.

I would say it's also well within "marketing margin"


In 50 + years of driving, I always bought the highest CCA battery that would fit in the engine compartment. Never had any problems.

In subzero Chicago winters, 1000 amps always  started me up!

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An alternative you could consider is a 2nd battery.  RVs or wreckers using similar configuration in a 3/4 or 1 ton chassis are equipped with backup battery for high curent draw and/or redundancy.

looks like a fire hazard

Thank you for posting this video.

You're welcome. Hope it helps.