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2010 Nissan Sentra Blower Motor, Resistor, or something else?


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2010 Nissan Sentra:  My son-in-law says he heard the blower motor making a noise on his trip home from work.  Next time he started the car, the blower motor wouldn't work on any speed or setting.  Does he need a new blower motor, resistor, both or something else?


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Probably the blower motor is worn out and blew the resistor due to pulling too much current.


Unfortunately, Nissan placed the blower motor on the driver's side of the dash.
So, expect the repair to be pricey.
Also, have him slap the dashboard a few times. Sometimes the motor will restart.

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Digging into this problem later this afternoon.  Thanks to everyone for the information and suggestions.


Blower motor resistor on my 08 nissan was replaced twice (only had high speed fan)
The symptoms ur having lead me to believe the blower motor is seized (as mine was on another occasion)
I was able to spray wd40 on the armature of the motor and work it free it up
It appears rain has a tendency to get into the housing 
Check the fuse
check the motor leads for continuity 

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correction: armature was meant to read stator

wd40 is a very poor lubricant (it's not even what it was invented for) and a death sentence for a motor. It will appear to work for a few days, but it will dry out whatever oil is left in the bushing, evaporate, and seize it up in short order.

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Replaced blower and resistor and problem solved.  Except, my son in law got about two miles down the road and, apparently, his front brakes locked up.  Has anyone heard of this problem with Nissans?  I found one YouTube about this and the mechanic said he found information on a Nissan Forum that one or both of the switches on the brake pedal being out of adjustment can cause the front brakes to lockup in several Nissan models.  In order to get the blower motor out we had to remove the brake and accelerator pedals (one unit).  The brake had two connectors on it but didn't do anything but unplug them on removal and replug then when we put the pedals back in.