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Keep 2000 Accord or 2008 Civic?


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My Daily driver is a 2000 Accord LX with a auto tranny with 120k miles on it.

I just inherited a 2008 Civic LX with 150k miles that also has a automatic transmission on it.

Which car is the more reliable of the two? ie: Which car should I keep and which should I sell?

Both have had regular maintenance & I know the history of both cars.

The 2000 has been in a minor accident that required a new radiator/bumper/hood. The frame is bent in the front but its minor

and didn't need fixing.

The 2008 has a much better cosmetic look to it as its been garaged all of its life and the 2000 clearcoat is shot on the top thanks to it being outside in the sun most of its life.
Also the 2000 accord AC died and might have a leak or some other problem with the AC (it was recharged already)

I also only drive a few hundred miles a month at most. 

I know the 2000 accord is known for transmission issues.

I'm not sure about what issues the civic has around 150k


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If the Civic is much better from a cosmetic perspective and you know it's history and since your Accord its AC doesn't work either then keep the Civic. I'll also include a video below from Scotty in which he states the 8th generation Civic (which includes your Civic too) are one of the good years/models for the Civic when going used. And even though the Civic has 30k more miles than the Accord, still those cars last a long time if you take care of them and you don't drive much so it will last you a long time. Another good thing is it has a timing chain so no need to worry about replacing the belt either.