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spark plug question


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yes i got a question if your vehicle came originally with iridium spark plugs can you down grade and use platinum or copper sparks or do you have to stick with the oem iridium spark plugs ? ok thanks

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Theoretically, if the spark plug manufacturer (hopefully it’s a reputable one, usually Denso or NKG) claims platinum / nickel / older are compatible with your car - you could use them (although you really shouldn’t)

For example, I did find that there are compatible nickel spark plugs for some ‘06 Corollas (with the ZZ engine) but there’re going to be significantly worse than Iridum

(as nickel ones typically last 30k miles at most, while Iridum can easily go double, triple and in some cases even quadruple that)


The cheaper ones work but since they don’t last as long you have to change them more often. Every time you change them you could strip the threads in the head. Then you’ll really be upstream on fecal creek. 
If you are getting rid of it soon, do whatever. If you want to keep it, do OEM iridium. 


So first of all it would have been very helpful if you had included the information on what type of vehicle you are asking about. But a general response is why would you want to do something like this?! If your car came with iridium spark plugs and they're more durable than other types just keep using those. They're not even that much more expensive in general, and even if they are it's not something you'll be changing a lot to justify going for something cheaper. Just look at the prices in the link below for a general idea; iridium ones are not expensive.

thanks i have a 2006 Toyota corolla ce automatic , i was just wondering because rock auto , AutoZone , advance auto when you look up my car for spark plugs they show copper plugs and platinum plugs and iridium plugs that says they fit my car on there websites , i was just confused why aren't they just showing nothing but iridium plugs for my car ok thanks


Copper fell out of favor in the 1980's.

"Copper" spark plug tips are actually made of Nickel which is a soft metal and wears out quickly. They need to be changed every 20k miles.