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2017 Nissan Rogue Random refusal to accelerate and low RPM


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Hey, I've got a 2017 Nissan Rogue with 146,000km or 90,720 miles. Sometimes at around stops, when I floor it, the car refuses to accelerate and the rpm rises very slowly, but the other 90% of the time, it accelerates perfectly. So what could be the problem? It feels a little early for engine damage. 


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Posted by: @omni

when I floor it


probably traction control stopping you from driving like a clown


check the obvious things like the air filter, fuel pressure, clean the throttle - it could be plenty of things.

To me it sounds like a transmission issue, some RAV4’s tranny are also suffering from hesitation / no acceleration from a stop. on most car that’s a symptom of transmission issues - usually software / TCM related.

Is there a firmware update for it?

It would’ve be interesting to hook up a good scanner and see if the car’s registering the gas pedal input and how that transmission works.

I really suspect it’s the transmission beginning to slip and anti-slip protection preventing you from revving it enough to begin moving, if you have a habit of flooring it, than a Jatco CVT lasting to 90k miles under those conditions is actually more than average.

Anyhow, I’d take it to local mechanics who can inspect it.

I appreciate your constructive reply. I’m really hoping this won't turn out to be a transmission issue. But anyway, I'll get back to this thread after I see a mechanic and share the solution.

Although It's probably just a simple thing
I do remember Mitsubishi cars with a similar gearbox having a TCM/range switch issue that lead to the car hesitating, not moving and not revving. (
It's quite a simple test, get a full system scanner and graph the range switch - if when it hesitates you see that the selected gear goes from D to anything else, you need programing / range switch replacement.
Also Nissan has posted a TSB that explains how to replace a transmission range switch, but unlike most TSBs they don't explain why. So I'd suspect the range switch of dropping out causing it to act up...