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Blown Head Gasket or Something Else?


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I have a 2008 Honda Civic with 155,000 miles that began overheating while idle which led me to find that the coolant in the reservoir had turned milky brown so I most likely have a blown head gasket.

What makes me skeptical however, is that I had recently taken my car to Brake Check for an oil change along with an alignment even though the oil level good and it’s condition was fair. My wife had angrily taken the car out before they finished because they had the car way past the time they said they’d be finished and she found that they had stopped working on ours to get to other customers that dropped off their cars after us. They said that they had completed the oil change but not the alignment and charged us accordingly.

About a week later, my check oil light came on while driving and when I checked my dipstick, it was almost completely dry. Thinking that my car may have been burning oil, I changed the pcv valve, topped it off and had been monitoring it ever since. My oil levels have not changed at all and it’s not turning milky white which would be consistent with a blown gasket nor ami I seeing any white, milky residue on the oil cap or getting any white smoke out of the exhaust.

I plan on getting a combustion leak test kit to make sure that my head gasket is actually blown before I get someone to take the engine apart. I was just wondering if there is anything that the mechanics a Brake Check could’ve messed up to get the oil to leak into my coolant considering that it disappeared after they’d worked on it.

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Well if it was completely dry that fast they obviously didn't put the oil back in and that blew your engine I would sue the company. That's why I say stay away from those joints we're not a change your own oil and you'll never have that problem again unless you hate yourself and you want to make your car blow up