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BMW 335i 2014 front left end noise proportional to speed developing above 120 km/h


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After transmission replacement at 100k done under extended warranty, the car started developing noise emanating from somewhere between the left front wheel and engine. when driving into the wind, the noise develops at lower speeds, seems like some plastic or other part is vibrating due to resonance with wind speed. I have replaced both front wheel bearings but that didn't fix the problem. Liner plates at the bottom of the car are all in place but some are missing screws. I'm doubtful they could vibrate that violently, as I can feel the vibration with my left foot in the foot-well. There is a possibility that some cover or other plastic part was not put back in place properly after transmission replacement resulting in air channeling under the hood and vibration. Or could it be that some suspension part is causing the problem? Any suggestions? Dealer is unable or unwilling to resolve the issue. 

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I don't think some loose plastic parts can cause such a huge vibration to your foot. Jack up the car and inspect the suspension parts on that side. 


Take it back to the dealer and demand a fix.