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Bremach: Thoughts on this SUV?


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I went to the LA Auto Show recently and stumbled upon this brand. Never heard of them before. Just quick googling suggested they were made in Russia. 

They seem to be trying to enter the (oversaturated ICE 4x4 market).

What do you think about this product? Anyone actually try one?  

The one thing I appreciated about this 4x4 is the old school NON electric handbrake. Can’t find those anymore in modern cars. 

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Those auto shows are intended for one thing : generate hype.

A brief web search tells me it's Italian. We all know about Italian cars (and bridges etc.)

You can read about their history on wikipedia

So far they're just taking people's money. I don't think any of these vehicles have hit the pavement yet, so I doubt anybody has tried one.

So... we'll see if anything actually materializes. Maybe they won't even see the light of day.

I Dont Know

My quick googling suggested it was made in Russia!!! And that it is a rebranded Russian vehicle.

You may be right. And that would worry me a bit. Russians cars aren't exactly known to be paragons of engineering or quality.
Bremach is definitely Italian, but they've partnered up with the Russian UAZ.
They're using global parts, like a French made GM transmission , and German Bosch electronics LoL
Again, we'll see. There's no point discussing something which so far is just a lot of hot air.

The thing that fascinates me is it’s an ICE car with old school technology. Most everyone else was touting their EV’s or hybrids. That’s why this one stands out.