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Ws atf /valvoline max life atf


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2011Venza recommended ATF is ToyotaWS. Can you use valvoline max life as a cheaper substitute?

what is the difference in price?

Ws you is $75 for 6 qts., Valvoline max life is $18/gallon, so $27/6 qts

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Valvoline claims their stuff is 100% compatible with Toyota. Here's the thing ...
What is 50 bucks every 4 years or so? $1 per month. That's not a significant difference in price when you think about it.

I mean although Valvoline seems to claim it’s compatible with the “WS” aka “World-Standard” fluid (JWS3324 or NWS9638)… so maybe it’s just slightly different and cars just need a recalibration/adaptation.
BUT yep! I never use anything but oem.
I once tried to use “does no harm” fluid on my Volvo that claims to be compatible with Ford’s BO-DC (“green DCT fluid” - funny considering it was red…) specification and the transmission sounded really off so I ended up replacing it with oem almost right away (it was something crazy like $30 a quart 😩)

That is what I keep hearing, and it’s true. I have been trying to keep costs at a minimum while keeping the car going as long as I can. Also, it bothers me when a company tries to keep people from savings by limiting info. Is this greed or is WS a better choice ? Toyota makes millions, I don’t. I agree about the money. But why should Toyota get more of it? Watt?