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Car Jack up points


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Good morning all,


Corolla 2014 hatch

Attached below is shows the car jack up point for those screw jacks. I am wondering which one is the hard support point. In the photo, I had indicated 1, 2 , 3. I am guessing is number 2. So If I were to make a puck, how deep the groove should be?




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Two ramps is sufficient for oil changes. Technically you are correct about the vehicle being level but as a practical matter it makes no difference. I've been doing it with ramps for years and never had an issue.

Along with the ramps I also recommend placing jack stands and using a wheel chock as safety precautions.

  1. Yes point 2 is correct. The Grove should only be deep enough so that when you jack up the vehicle you are not pushing on other parts of the car where it could bend.

I can't tell what part of the car you photographed there. Your images aren't very good. Please use an image hosting site like



Here you go. I dont have jacking points that look that way from your attachment.

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I think you can click on the image to enlarge


I find ramps quicker, but use whatever you've got.


Why 4 jackstands? you only need to raise the front to change the oil.

I am thinking more engine oil will flow out when the car is level.

The drop pan has a spot where some engine oil gets trap.

I wouldnt know if any of the internal components also trap oil.

Just shifted house. Lacking space. Maybe jack stands might be better in the garage. But of course Jack stand isnt any safer.

"I am thinking more engine oil will flow out when the car is level."
Nope. You drain plug is at the rear of the pan, and faces backwards. Tilting the car up puts the drain plug at the lowest point.

But it doesn't matter. You don't need to worry about that last ounce. You will never remove every drop of dirty oil.
Jack stands are perfectly safe if you use them properly, and take precautions.

Thanks for the advice.

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Yes those spots do look like your diagram

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Hi all,

2014 Corolla Hatch Zre182

Are these the Jacking points for the Jack trolley circle in red?



Front 1


Rear 2




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Good morning,

Do you use Ramp x 2 or 4 x Jack stand when changing Engine oil?