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Car knock at startup


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I have a 1999 Plymouth neon 2.0 SOHC, 130k miles

The car runs great for what it is:, but once its warmed up and i shut it off and start it right back up i hear a loud knock/bang just for a second, it sounds like an overheated knock start up if you know what i mean, but its Not overheating at all, in fact i have replaced everything on this car as in radiator all houses timing belt water pump all pulley's harmonic balancer motor mounts.

if i shut it off and let it sit for just 10 minutes then start it up i don't get any startup knock, so why does it knock only when i start it right back up?.

Thanks for anyone who can help,  This problem is driving my nuts for a few years now..

What happened to the car when it started. My first thought would be oil pressure to the valve assembly. Or maybe timing chain.

The car runs fine after starting, the knock only last like 1 or 2 seconds right as its firing up. I replaced the timing belt water pump pully's the whole nine yards less than 4 years ago and don't drive it that much so about it has about 17k on the new belt and water pump.

It's a death rattle. It may only be happening for a few seconds on a cold engine now but expect it to get worse. Start planning for a replacement vehicle.

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Making video of it but knowing those things odds are when the engine's hot you're getting a piston knock when you restart it when it's still warm. Which course would mean the engine is beginning to go out but make a video post it on YouTube put the URL here and I'll listen

I will make the video tomorrow and post the link here Thanks guys.