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Car sliding..?


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So let’s hear what you guys think? Will a car stop sooner if you put it in neutral? Have you tried it? If so, what year and model of car?

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Don't do this.


Car sliding..? Actually, … since ABS, cars - technically - no longer slide! Mind you, if you really, really good, … and your car has a really, really well designed and perfectly balanced and communicative braking system, you can perhaps beat ABS? Dunno, … consistently, probably not, … but on the track, … for sure! With bit of practice, …

For example, on the track in M3, I get bit better times with ABS disconnected, … but I’m used to driving sans ABS, as well as with ABS: … my daily summer driver is non-ABS car. In winter, my ABS driver virtually never triggers ABS, … but that’s me driving. FWIW

Btw, on the track these days, virtually all folks get best times with ABS. Disconnect their ABS, … and they all slide off in just about ever corner. Their lap times are terrible. True, … 



When you have to react suddenly, you don't think about shifting in neutral.