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Wanna get a 4x4 truck. V6 nissan frontier or V8 Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado 1500. Price cap 25,000 and max mileage 60,000?

To help us answer better, can you state the year(s) you are interested in?

At least 2012 and newer.

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Frontier but $25k is too much as they deprecaite quickly

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Frontier for less money.


The Frontier out of those. But it is a smaller truck.




The one that will be the most reliable is the Frontier, so Frontier > F-150 > Silverado.  You mention 2012 and newer so definitely stay away from the Chevy Silverado, but the F-150 should be OK;  however, for the F-150 for minimal issues avoid any of the Ecoboost engines and just stick with the NA V8.  Also, don’t go beyond MY 2018 when they used the Gen 3 Coyote 5.0 (it had oil burning issues) and avoid the 10-speed AT.

The Frontier is midsize while the F-150 is full-size.  You didn’t list any other constraints so I can’t narrow it for you further.

Ok thanks for the info.


Test drive them and see