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Car stalls, bad lifter


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Car stalls . And one of the lifters or blown would it be better to fix it or replace engine. One person said ill come out better just buying a norther engine what do you think

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LXI 2.7  engine.  It starts but shuts back down I've cleaned the intake valve  check battery cable.  Now there is one code  p1391. I haven't changed it out yet 

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It's a little unclear from your wording everything that is wrong with your engine.

That said, that 2.7L V6 is unfortunately one of the worst engines Chrysler ever made.  Oil sludge issues are endemic to the design, and they just don't hold up all that well in general.

Replacing the engine with a new or used (but functional) 2.7 engine on a 2002 Chrysler is going to cost significantly more than the car is worth.  Repairs would be cheaper, but I would ask myself if even that was worth it, given the problems the 2.7 has and the fact that it's a 21 year old car.  

Myself, I would look at getting rid of the car, if that is a viable option for you.


Just get rid of the car, it's already well past its expected useful life.