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Chevrolet Lacetti first one-time yellow engine light and shaking


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Hi, I'm writing from Europe Croatia.

I'm driving Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4 16v, from 2010., manufactured in Korea with a manual transition and ~65.5k km.
The car is old but it hasn't been driven much and it's maintained with regular checkups.

Today a family member was driving it and the yellow engine light popped up with the car temporarily shaking a bit.
I picked up the car almost immediately and drove it to the local mechanic.

The mechanic checked the car and said that one of the cylinders had skipped a beat which caused the car to shake (and the warning light). That being said, he was confused because nothing seemed wrong with the car, the warning light disappeared on its own and it seemed to drive fine. He suggested that the gasoline quality may be low which caused some impurities or water to build up and mess with the engine. He didn't recommend any repairs, just to monitor the situation.

I'm considering taking the car to the certified Chevrolet mechanic to at least run the diagnosis.
In a few days, I'm going on a road trip, I don't feel like risking getting stuck on the road, I'd like to know what's going on.

Thanks for any advice,
I'm a fan of the work you do here.

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I agree with your mechanic on not to worry about it. You can drive it as much as possible before your trip to make sure it drives fine. 


Yeah, poor quality gas can cause rough running and misfires. On the other hand, your Lacetti is 11 years old, so just keep an eye it.