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[Solved] Trouble Starting


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Hi, I have a 1999 Toyota 4runner, 179K miles, automatic, 4 cylinder engine. About two weeks ago, my car started making a stalling noise when starting. Now it takes about 2-3 times to crank before starting. Is this possibly the starter? or could it be something else?  I have included a link to the video of the stalling noise.

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Sounds like a weak battery to me. Load test the battery. 

Hmmm, I got it tested at Autozone and they said it was fine, the sticker on it has 2/20 for the date. My multimeter reads 12.56 V when the car is off. However, I just replaced the alternator but the battery still does not increase in voltage when the car is on. I'm not sure where to continue or if these issues are related.

So the alternator is not charging, odds are that your alternator is faulty.

I have been having a lot of electrical issues. At first, the radio would shut off whenever I would step on the breaks/put down windows/turn signal/etc. So I replaced the alternator and these issues went away. But before I replaced my alternator, this starting issue was already beginning to happen. I am thinking there is an issue with the wiring somewhere and/or starter. A mix of these problems is getting hard to diagnose


Presuming nothing else is going out, odds are good that you have a loose/dirty/corroded connector supplying power and ground to your radio. Get some spray contact cleaner and clean and tighten the connector to the radio, check the applicable fuse for looseness/corrosion.

I replaced the alternator and the issue went away! Thanks anyway for the help

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Scotty, I just purchased a 99 Toyota 4Runner with 170K miles, 4 cylinder, automatic transmission. Every time I step on the breaks, the car radio goes out. How do I fix this?


Battery voltage with the engine running should be around 14v.  If it doesn't read this, the alternator or the wiring is bad.