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2017 Chevy Spark doesn’t move


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Hey Scotty, i know you already don't recommend ever getting a Chevy spark but I got this from my brother. It's 2017 Chevy spark with a cvt trans. I noticed today (and this happened once last year) that I was sitting in park and when I shifted into drive the brake pedal wouldn't move and the car wouldnt move even though I was able to move the shifter into drive. I turned the car off then back on and it worked fine again. I get my cvt fluid changed every 40k and it has 139,586 miles on it now. Any idea what that could be?


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How about a scan and some codes please.


Generally, these are Jatco CVT7 transmissions (source), so the range sensor switch is the first thing id check.

Nissan had a TCM software update to fix a very similar issue, I'm unsure wether GM has one.

These transmissions are known to have TCM breakdowns in a way that prevents it from remembering codes. (source)

What you describe sounds like a range sensor fault, GM instructs to also replace the TCM in that case (source)

Did the selected gear correctly change on the gauge cluster?

Realistically, to diagnose what's going on you'd have to plug in an all systems scanner and watch the data while it's acting up.