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Coolant Leak


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Hello all,


I’ve just recently changed my coolant in my 96 Camry automatic with 118000 miles on it. I put zerex red coolant in and flushed out system. I replaced the thermostat and thermostat gasket. I also replaced the radiator cap. It ran fine on Sunday and Monday but when I ran it today on the highway I saw a leak under my car when I stopped. I popped the hood and it looks like it’s a big leak coming from the weep hole on the WP. Any suggestions on why this happened and what to do? Also how much to replace the water pump with just labor if I buy the part myself?

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Any suggestions on why this happened...

it wore out

and what to do?

replace it

Also how much to replace the water pump

call a shop for a quote


Pump averages about $50 and is available everywhere.  Labor charges are local.  Pretty easy job.


Do you really believe it is unusual for the water pump on a 26-year-old car to wear out? It is highly unlikely that the coolant change had anything to do with it and is merely coincidental.

young people just don't know there things,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,some older ones too,,,,,,,,,,{sigh}


In your case it does seem to be a cause and effect, it's very odd you flushed the coolant and now the water pump is leaking.

I've never heard of that happening before.

This is the only article I was able to find that matched your question, the vehicle it happened to was a Mazda:

I thought I used the correct coolant but maybe I did not and it messed up the water pump.

Upon further research, I could not find any other examples that could conclusively link a coolant flush to pump failure. At this point you may never know for sure.