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Could clogged cat or broken air intake cause slight jerk when letting of the gas


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Hello, I have a 2003 toyota camry 2.4 it has a slight jerk when you let of the gas it only has one trouble code p0420 could that be it I replaced the tourqe rod moter mount it has a clean air filter. Could it be that, or something like an oxygen sensor it also has a rattle coming from air intake when the engine is warmed up i have heard that is a common problem with the old camry so would that be somting that would cause that too. Thanks 221k miles

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Well do check the dog bone motor mount on the passenger side they often go bad and do that. But one transmissions without mileage often will do that too and it could just be that you catalytic converter code is another completely on related problem. If the catalytic converter was going out what would happen is the engine would run hotter cuz the car can't get rid of the hot exhaust gas and it would only be able to go to a certain speed like 50 mph and no further from being clogged up

I just replaced the dog bone mount the rubber had cracks about an inch long on every corner but it was not completely broken would that be enough to cause the movement


Scotty in video at 9:02