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Looking for a good replacement for my daily.


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I currently drive a 2013 Hyundai Veloster base model with a short ram air intake. Muffler delete and some cosmetics done to it but I am looking for a good replacement to daily drive. My car has 64k on it and it’s worth about 10-10.5k. I’m looking for a good,sporty, and reliable car to replace this with that’s around the same price point as my car right now as I’m not really in the position to dish out monthly payments on a new car since the car I drive is paid off.

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If you like the hatch back style, get a manual Honda fit or Matrix. 


If you don't mind a 2-seater, get a Mazda Miata with a standard. Automatics dog them too much. They're sporty little roadsters with a standard and are extremely reliable. 

if you have bad knees, avoid the miata lol