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Loud Ticking Noise on 1998 GMC Savana


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I have a 1998 GMC Savana van with a 5.7 V8. It has 207,000 miles on it. I bought it 2 months ago for $2,100 in Tucson. Seller said the engine has 90,000 on it and its rebuilt. I have no idea what the seller meant by ‘rebuilt’. It drives great going down the road, the steering seems a bit lose but it runs great. After I drove it about a 1000 miles a loud tick has developed that I think is from a hydraulic lifter. I checked the flywheel for cracks or looseness to be sure it wasn’t that. The tick sounds like it happens once every revolution of the engine. I’ve changed my oil and filter, tried a few different additives, but the noise continues. I’ve driven it for around 2000 miles with that ticking noise. It still drives great but the noise drives me nuts. Some have said an engine can go for a long time like that. What can I do? How will I know when and if you answer me? Thank you Scotty! Now go play some hockey!

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Use 2 cans of lubro moly mos 2 engine oil treatment.  It is molybdenum and turns oil grey. If it's worn valve lifters it will quiet them down. It won't fix anything but is a lubricant additive. I use it. Very pleased with it. Advance auto has it. For that size engine you need 2 cans. If it works it's a valve lifter.


Oil additives won't affect a lifter if it's bad. They're hydraulic and wear out over time. Post a video of the noise, someone will help figure out what it is exactly. Rebuilt engines and transmissions are almost never done correctly if it was indeed done. If you really want to get rid of that noise and like gambling, find another V8 that matches yours in the junkyard and try swapping that in. That engine is extremely common, GM used it in their full size trucks, Suburbans, Escalades, utility vans, etc.