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Replace the Car or the Girlfriend!


Seriously, I do everything to my car to make it chick-friendly and it is never too much. I Like a hot rambling car that makes a bold statement. She likes pink and fluffy, should I ditch her and go for the man car that I want or just become woke?

 Can you please tell us what vehicle you're currently driving?



I noticed your topic tag, muscle cars. Like kesterpaul62 said, what muscle vehicle do you drive?

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Usage of the word "woke" should be an automatic ban hammer. I'm SO sick of hearing that CRAP.

Of course she likes pink and fluffy. She's a GIRL. Dude, you need to go have a long conversation with yourself. In your other posts, she's smacking you around. Now you're mad because she likes things you don't. Maybe figure out what you want out of a lady before jumping into a relationship.

My wife, for example, finds muscle cars/fast cars to be fun to an extent, but they scare her past a certain point and she doesn't like driving them. She is also incredibly "girly" and into the pink, fluffy things you would expect to come with that. And I couldn't love her more. Of course, I knew all this about her before we got married because we TALKED to each other and we knew what we were looking for in a spouse.

If you're debating ditching the girl so you can drive a sports car, you haven't met the right girl. If my wife asked me to stop driving and building muscle cars or sell my car collection, I would. Because she is priority one. However, I also know her well enough to know it would take something catastrophic for her to ever ask me to do that.

Talk to your girlfriend and tell her how you feel. You two really need to discuss your relationship goals. 

That's about as Dr. Phil as I'm going to get on this. Lol. Cool  

@mod_man Seems like you know how to deal with these situations :).

Blame it on my wild younger years. Lol. But I learned from them and my mistakes helped me eventually find my perfect match. Smile


Invite her onto the forum.

You say she smacks you around and after listening to all of your girlfriend drama it's gotten to the point where I'd like to ask her to slap you once for me

@jack62 Maybe his girlfriend would just put bad answers in this forum lol.


why do these topics feel like I'm watching 'Twilight' or something?

This forum has changed a lot since I was last active. I try and stay out of most topics unless I have personal experience anyways. People love to think they're experts because they've watched some youtube videos - better them than me


@Mod_Man is giving the best response to this question/post. If she can't/won't let you have what you like/your own hobbies (for example a muscle car) then it means she really doesn't care about you enough. I mean we all have different hobbies/likes and in a healthy relationship both sides should respect those as long as it doesn't get too far/carried away. So yeah I think you need to figure out things with your relationship more than needing advice from people on a car related forum.


I was in your situation several times.

For me it was simple, the car won out every single time.  Not so much because of the car, but due to the fact I don't like being controlled in any way.

Bottom line, I remember the cars, the girls...not so much.

In my opinion, go for the car and don't look back.

There will always be another girl, and maybe the next one will be into you and not what you own.


Well if she is the right one for you  , she should be more into you than the car you have.


I really don't get it, why should your SO care at all about your car? 

Of course a lot of girls would rather have a girly car, there's a reason why the Volkswagen Bettle was the most popular car for women with the MINI brand having the highest share of female buyers. (source)

personal preference of different people - are different. what ever makes each one of you happy.



@mmj , Don't know about Twighlight, I feel this topic more out of BORAT - when he was trying to buy a car:

(Warning: I think that everyone knows this, but the film has a lot of swearing and profanity - I couldn't even post the original quote on this form. lol)