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2017 Lexus RX350 Oil - new 0W16?


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I just bought a used 2017 RX 350 with 85,000 kms / 50,000 miles

I want to make the engine last as long as possible and I heard Scotty talking about the new oil standard GF6 A and B

The GF6 A are apparently backwards compatible, while the B is apparently not.

The recommended oil for the RX350 is 0W20, but many new Honda/Toyota’s have switched from 0W20 to 0W16 and Japan for years. 
Is it a good idea to switch to the 0WQ6 for my my used RX ?

Im leaning toward no, and definitely wouldn’t switch unless heard denitibely that I should but wonder if the are other opinions/ knowledge ?

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I would stick to the recommended oil that Lexus RX-350 uses. IMHO, I don't think you should use different oils that are not made for your vehicle.

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Always use the oil grade that your Manuel tells you. You can also check with your dealer to see if Lexus has given any updates if the g6b can be used. 


Stick to the recommended oil viscosity by the manufacturer. 


My wife drives a 2017 RX350. We only use 0W-20 full synthetic in the vehicle per the owner's manual.

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Thanks fellas, I agree.

For context I will say that in one of Scotty’s videos he suggested to a customer to switch to the new GF6 A or B oil for an older car which would not have recommended the newer oils since they weren’t “invented” yet. 

But that could have been for the GF6 A oils which are backwards compatible vs GF6 B which aren’t.