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2022 Lexus RX 350 Is this normal for the heater or can this be fixed?


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I have a 2022 Lexus RX 350 base with 2k miles, automatic which I just purchased weeks ago new from a Lexus dealership in my area. I noticed when the outside temperature is less than 30 degrees, that there is very cold draft near the drivers door area. I feel that cold draft while siting in the driver seat and my left leg feels very cold however my right leg feels the heater. I am assuming one reason is because the vent is on the right side of the drivers seat?

When I touch the interior door or bottom part of the door it is cold! I should not have the left and right side drivers seat of the interior cabin different temperatures right? This is a very expensive car and I am not too sure if this is a door insulation issue or a heater issue?

I went to the nearest Lexus dealership and asked a service tech who old me that I am supposed to turn the heat setting to the AUTO function which is a hard key instead of using the manual face/foot heater which i was using.  In my previous cars when I used AUTO it would heat the entire car and all the vents, face, foot and side vents would heat the entire car. With the Lexus, when I choose the AUTO button for HIGH heat, the vent for the foot area and the side vents are the only vent that blows the warm air, not the middle vent. I just want the drivers side to be warm with no cold draft near the door!

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Have you read your owner's manual for the answer?

Yes I have and there is nothing in there if you have a cold draft near the drivers seat. do you know?


If you have read the owner's manual regarding proper instructions for the operation of the heating system and it does not seem to be operating properly, take it back to the dealer and have them either explain it to you in detail or repair it if there is a problem.  This is not your previous car.