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Did I mess up my new car?


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I have a brand new 2021 Honda Civic sport 1.5L turbo with a six speed transmission. A month ago I was due for an oil change and it would’ve been 3 weeks before the dealer could get to me. After accidentally stalling because I had gotten cut off in a Walmart parking lot I got a message claiming “check engine level” without thinking I just put in 1/3 of a quart of the recommended oil from my owners manual and I ended up over filling it. I had gotten worse gas mileage 30mpg instead of 36-40 and my turbo wasn’t as “sensitive” shortly after I got my oil done the tech told me it should reset though my mileage slightly improved and I still have to ride the turbo a bit more than I use too. My dad thinks it’s in my head but I’m generally concerned because I love this car 

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Your dad is right. 


you killed it


No problem at all. You drained the extra it should be fine.


Honda is not was it used to be. In my opinion, their reliability is on the verge between good and bad.